Animation Critique with Wayne Dixon


Man on a Mission

With a slight grin, Wayne recently told me that he believes he's "successfully started his revolution". What revolution is that? To influence Blender's animation community toward a healthy, thriving ecosystem.

In fact, that's much of the reason Wayne began teaching with CG Cookie. For years he's witnessed poor habits being taught online and perhaps most unfortunately, poor critiques being posted in forums and video comments. Learning from one another is crucial but isn't always done well on the internet. Having learned animation online himself, Wayne is well aware of the frustration and damage that goes along with bad critiques. So he's doing something about it.

If you haven't noticed already, Wayne is extremely present in his Animation Bootcamp exercises. As far as I know he's graded and left detailed feedback for every submission. He really takes interaction between student-to-teacher, animator-to-animator very seriously.

If it sounds like I'm bragging about Wayne's motives, it's because I am. I've rarely seen an online educator so devoted to others learning. It's inspiring to me personally and I think we all could do well to pay it forward.

A Crash Course in Animation Critique

Wayne has noticed the effort of a CG Cookie user, battryu, in his submission to the "Character Ball" exercise. He reached out to battryu and asked if he would be willing to participate in a recorded critique, which is the video below.

Even though this is only one user's animation, anyone seeking to improve their animation skills will find the information applicable to themselves. Also you'll gain valuable insight into what a helpful critique looks like:

To learn [much] more from Wayne, check out his Animation Bootcamp course and his follow-up course, Animation Workflow & Body Mechanics! Also, we interviewed him.

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    I'm looking forward to taking the Animation Bootcamp course after I finish the Introduction to Character Modeling. I'm glad to see that the instructor really cares about teaching and constructive criticism.

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    Mark Smith

    I'm impressed with Wayne's involvement in his taking part and his teaching style...
    always trying to help those that have participated in his exercises...
    these kind's of people/tutors are what sets Cookie apart in my thinking...

  • k

    Way to go Wayne! Thumbs up for being an excellent tutor. His critiques are always helpful.

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    Jonathan Fisher

    It's great to learn from Wayne. This is a golden age for those of us who are developing our skill sets in CG. Thanks CG Cookie team, your time and expertise is very much appreciated.

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    Matt Lloyd

    What a pro Wayne is. Tremendously useful critique, thank you. And well done Battryu!

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    Wayne Dixon

    Thanks for the kind words peeps.

  • d

    What a great session! Thank you Wayne for your thorough critique, and thank you Battryu for exposing yourself to it - that takes so much courage.

  • b

    I'm happy to have had this opportunity as the feedback has taught me so much already! Thanks for the kind words everyone and I hope anyone who delves into the course will equally give it their best to get the most out of it.

    I can only say that being taught by Wayne has opened up a whole new world in animation that I've long sought for.

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    Kent Trammell

    That makes everything we do at CGC worth it :)

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    Andreas Svanoe

    There's no text counter sub menu under the Data tab when I mark the counter.

    What I see is:
    -Texture Space
    -Text Boxes
    -Custom Properties

  • v

    Anyone else having trouble with the sound on the video?

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