Concept Exercises - a.k.a. Stuff to do!

Submitting and grading Exercises is a great way to test your knowledge gained and while giving feedback to fellow artists
  • Shading Black and White Objects

    Shading Black and White Objects

  • Understanding the Eyes

    Understanding the Eyes

  • Shading Gems

    Shading Gems

  • The Female Headshot

    The Female Headshot

  • Shape Challenge III

    Shape Challenge III

  • Painterly Style

    Painterly Style

  • Shape Challenge II

    Shape Challenge II

  • The Skillful Huntsman

    The Skillful Huntsman

  • Facial Expressions

    Facial Expressions

  • Hair


  • Infected Progressions

    Infected Progressions

  • Material Studies

    Material Studies

  • Lighting Direction

    Lighting Direction

  • Cast Shadows

    Cast Shadows

  • Influence Chart

    Influence Chart

  • Shape Challenge

    Shape Challenge

  • Golden


  • Creating Pixel Characters

    Creating Pixel Characters

  • Style Adaptation

    Style Adaptation

  • Familiar Faces

    Familiar Faces

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