Model a Husky Puppy

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Modeling in Blender

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Man's best friend. 

Using what you've learned about modeling in the Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp, model a dog using the turnaround sheet of a Husky puppy provided in the downloads tab. 

Part of the exercise is to model this dog using all quad topology. If your model is showing up in Sketchfab as triangles, try using a different file format like FBX to export, since some file formats convert everything to triangles automatically. 


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Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Model must convincingly resemble a friendly husky.
  • 2
    Model must be made of all quads.
  • 3
    There should be loops surrounding all major anatomical features.
  • 4
    The poly count should be below 7000 triangles.
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