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    Cross Discipline Learning Flow: Creating a Tower Defense Game

    Learn how to build a tower defense game from the ground up. Build 3d models in Blender and bring them to life with Unity to create a playable game.

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    Learning Flow: First Person Shooter

    Learn all you need to know to start building your very own First Person Shooter using Unity by building weapons, UI elements, enemy characters, levels and more.

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    Learning Flow: Introduction to Unity

    Get started with Unity by learning the fundamentals of the interface, animations, UI, 2D and 3D game development, animation and much more. 

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  • Wwt game gamedesign
    Game Design

    A great game is compelling, well-executed and highly playable. Understand what it takes to build one.

  • Wwt game dive coding
    Dive Into Coding

    Gain greater control over your game by learning how to code efficiently.

  • Wwt game scroller fps
    Side Scroller To FPS

    Build up your skills from the basics to your own fully playable First Person Shooter Game.

  • Wwt game real studio pipeline
    Real Studio Pipeline

    Understand how your workflow fits into the big picture in a modern gaming studio.

Game Development F.A.Q.

  • What can I create with Unity?

    Unity is a multi-platform game engine which is used to build games, apps, simulations and interactive experiences. You can build for 25 platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, WebGL, various VR and AR devices, and consoles.

  • How can I make my own game assets?

    Unity supports most of the common file formats for 3D files and image types. For 3D, we use Blender to build everything from props to human characters and animations. CG Cookie's interdisciplinary learning flows show you the full Blender-to- Unity workflow used by real studios.

  • Who uses Unity in the gaming industry?

    Some of the best and biggest games today are built in Unity. Take a look at some of the projects, ranging from mobile games to console and even non-game applications:

  • How can I start creating my own game?

    Download Unity from and start watching the CG Cookie Unity Fundamentals flow to get started with all the various aspects of game development in Unity fast.

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