back Ikea Bedroom

Blender 2.79.
3000 samples+denoiser.
Reference photo:

  • Status: Final
  • Michal Zisman

    charlesituah Thanks, Charles :)

  • Charles Ituah

    This is very well done.Nice work

  • Michal Zisman

    shredde Thanks, Martin :) I completely agree with you, that the tool doesn't matter that much.

  • Martin Edlund

    Very well made. This is one of those renders that proves that it's not so much the tool as the artist wielding it.

  • Michal Zisman

    capawsome Hehe cool! Thanks :)

  • Thiago Lopes

    Amazing work. i showed this pic to my wife sister(shes an architect), she was impressed by how real it looks .

  • Michal Zisman

    whippie Thanks, Jonatahn :)

  • Jonathan Brown

    Excellent work loads of impact with such limited colour well done !!

  • Michal Zisman

    tbrbn Thanks! ;)

  • Thibaut Bourbon

    Really impressive work, congrats!