back Puma (+braid tutorial)

Hey guys! I'm happy to share with you my new character Puma.
In the tutorial I'm gonna show how to create braid in Blender. Hope you find it helpful:)
Concept by the amazing Mijin Jeon

  • Status: Final
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    hey nazar i love the way the character looks so i would like it too with mine right now this is how it is but i cant get into the particle system (its not there so i hope you can help me out?. this is my model (its a picture i posted on deviantart)

  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    Awesome character, Nazar 👏

  • 29632963

    this is the first tutorial i followed what also use curves and bevel options

  • Jaden Taylor


  • Don Newman

    Those braids are awesome.

  • Larocque Jessy

    wow ! nice job i like it

  • Chris Rupp

    Soooooo good! Will definitely come back to this when I'm ready to try characters. Your video tutorial is perfect, short, clear and to the point. Nicely done!

  • Forrest Harless

    Just watched your tutorial! This is awesome stuff! Thanks!!!