back Dragon knight Character

This is a project I've done during the recording of my very latest course now available on the blender market.
I've put a lot of energy in this one and I hope you will like it!

  • Status: Final
  • pieriko

    sweenist Thanks! I might do a making of

  • Ryan Sweeney

    Love the trailer! Looks really cool!

  • Zach Zellman

    Not only is that character fantastic! But that has to be the COOLEST trailer I've ever seen!!!!! You should do a course on motion graphics too! lol

  • Asif Hamid

    Impressive ! Modeling but also materials and texture work is very well done !

  • larry frenzel

    super sweet

  • Szymon Krupa

    Thanks for all the hard work! Looks awesome.

  • jbaena

    Awesome! I really like it! I'll definitely take a look at this course when I get better with blender!

  • pieriko

    theluthier Hi Kent, thanks for your kind words and the pick.
    That some heavy metal dude for sure 🤘

  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    Very cool pieriko 🤘

  • pieriko

    Thanks man. I've put a lot of effort to make this one. hopefully it will be inspiring enough