back Ultra

A character I worked on in my spare time. I used mainly Blender and Cycles. Zbrush for the skin textures and details, Krita for some textures and concept art. I also recorded some (unfortunately not all) of the creation steps.

  • Status: Final
  • Deep Bordoloi


  • Riccardo Bancone

    Thanks all for the comments, and to the staff for the pick! Stay tuned on my YT channel, more videos coming soon!

  • Matt Dickun

    I like how you started with a design, and went all the way to a finished 3d model. He looks really cool by the way.

  • monoegg

    awesome work!

  • lutbarg

    Yeah, I can see this character in a Pixar movie. Very nice man.

  • sorta

    The Jean textures look fantastic! Although it looks like the jean pockets look like the just for show pockets in women's jeans.

  • Thomas Robb

    Wow! Amazing work man!

  • Forrest Harless

    Good looking character! The materials look very good!

  • Jaden Taylor

    thats my kind of jacket lol. NICE WORK MY DUDE!

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Really nice job translating your concept into 3D! You've hit the right balance between detail and clean design.