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"Girl" Artwork by Yuditya Afandi.
Based on character concept by Yungun Y. (

You can watch the presentation video here:

Studio/Client: Character, Sci-fi
Software: Blender
- Modelling
- Sculpting
- Texturing
- Shading
- Rendering
When: February 2018
Personal project based on awesome concept by Yungun Y. In this project I tried out some of the new features in Blender such as denoising and filmic color space. Still using Cycles engine to render this artwork, except for the subsurface scattering that done in Blender Internal. Using textures from Poliigon but most of the textures that i used is hand painted. It's almost 1-to-1 recreation from the concept aside from some tweaking that I made. Learn a lot from this project especially in the modelling part.

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  • Status: Final
  • wardred

    This is a really stunning mix of organic and hard surface modeling, and a very unique style. Very nicely done!

    One thing bugs me, and I'll admit this is a computer geek complaining that's not how hacking works in the movies, but the rig looks like it would either choke her or the suit's chin would pop up over her chin unless she's always leaning forward a bit.

  • zonkerzebra


  • Ryan Brewer

    Very cool! Love the design and execution!

  • Kaj Suominen

    amazing work!

  • Benjamin Whitfield

    I just watched a few of you other videos, love to watch you work, also i know how you fell about having to give up your free time, and im just starting out in blender.

  • Benjamin Whitfield

    This is cool, well done

  • lutbarg

    I have a lot of work to do, if I am ever going to work of this high quality. It came out fantastic.

  • Yuditya Afandi

    forrest-harless Thank you.

  • Yuditya Afandi

    frikkr Thank you. It was rendered in 3000 x 4000. It's simple post processing actually , color grading, sharpening, vignette, film grain and all that usual stuff.

  • Yuditya Afandi

    bbjornio Thank you